Beetroot contains numerous sources of minerals and vitamins that makes it a ‘must eat’ or ‘must drink’ for people with Sickle Cell.  Beetroot is an earthy vegetable that grows in the ground and the leaves overground.  

Beetroot contains vitamins (A, B6, C); vitamin C as you know is good for the immune system and helps fight infections; it also contains, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium and iron and iron is an important mineral in the production of red blood cells.  It also contains carbohydrates, protein, anti-oxidants, zinc, copper, fibre, which helps with constipation and folic acid.

You can drink it as a juice, (sold in supermarkets) or you can blend and make the juice or a smoothie at home.  You can also eat it raw, sliced, cut into small pieces and add to your salad or you can cook it and make some soups. 

You can also eat the leaves, which have a bitter taste. (as with all things, do wash well under running water before eating). When cooking do not over cook and they can be cooked or steamed exactly the same way as spinach.

Do not freeze raw beetroot, as it becomes soft, cooked beetroot.on the other hand can be frozen.

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