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Lettuce Nutrition Facts

Lettuce contains moisture, energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, dietary fibre, and sugars. The minerals and vitamins found in lettuce include calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc along with vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin B-6, C, A, E, and vitamin K.

Health Benefits Of Lettuce

Anti-inflammatory Agent

Lettuce possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help in controlling inflammation.

Induces Sleep

One of the major traditional uses of lettuce in Unani medicine was its use as a sleep inducer. 

Antioxidant Agent

Studies have shown that lettuce possesses antioxidants with significant free radical-scavenging capabilities. Antioxidants are a wide range of bio-chemicals that are mostly found in our diet; they are also very necessary for human health.

Heart Healthy

Lettuce’s vitamin C and beta-carotene work together to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. This prevents the build up of plaque.

Lettuce is Alkaline Forming

The minerals in lettuce help remove toxins and keep your acid/alkaline balance in order. Once you are balanced on this level there are a host of benefits including greater energy, clearer thinking, deep restful sleep, and youthful skin. To browse more benefits check out Benefits of An Alkaline Body.

 Whole Life Food

Lettuce is almost always eaten raw, providing us with many micronutrients not found in cooked or processed food. Eating raw food also adds vital energies not recognized by nutritional science.

Supplies Nutrition

It also contains potassium which gives a rich supply of nutrients and oxygen by improving circulation, thus resulting in a healthy and glowing skin.

 Removes Toxins

Types of Lettuce: Green Leaf Lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce, and Romaine Lettuce.

Simple Lettuce Recipes

A few lettuce recipes are given below that can be easily tried at home.

Vegetable Salad: Cut your tomato, cucumber, radish, carrots, red pepper, yellow pepper, and lettuce leaves. Add the cut vegetables to a bowl. Season with salt, pepper, a dash of olive oil, and lime juice.

Corn Lettuce Salad: Boil one cup of corn and let it cool. Cut some lettuce, onion, and tomato, and put it in a bowl. Add the boiled corn to this mixture. Season the mixture with salt, pepper, olive oil, and lime juice. You can add other vegetables like boiled baby potatoes, mushroom, or peas, or even throw in some boiled chicken or fish.

Unless you buy organic, lettuce can contain a lot of toxins and pesticides.

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