This leafy green is another ‘super food’ and classified as one of the world’s healthiest food, loaded with nutrients and has small calories, so good to eat. It is rich in iron, contains protein, minerals and vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K) and folic acid. It also contains calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, zinc etc…

It is known to add vitality, improve the quality of the blood and repair energy.

When buying spinach, make sure it is bright green and no yellow colouring around it.

When cooking spinach do rinse and wash very well with cold running water, as it tends to contain soil and sand. You do not want to cook the stem, so cut the stem and root off and separate the leaves. Once separated, place the spinach leaves in a big bowl of water and use your hands to rub the leaves slightly. Place the leaves in another bowl and throw the dirty and sandy water away, repeat this process several times till there are not more sand at the bottom of the bowl.

Cook by boiling and dispense of the water used because of acid content from the leaves. Place the spinach leaves inside the boiling hot water and leave for about 2 mins. Don’t cover the pot, so that the acid content can be released when cooking spinach. What you add to your cooked spinach varies from culture to culture, enjoy.

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  1. Bukie Osilaja Reply

    Hi T, your blog is quite informative. I love spinach a lot. Is it OK to eat it raw? I believe one may be loosing a lot of nutrient by cooking or soaking it in hot water.

    • admin Reply

      Hi Bukie,
      Perfectly ok to eat it raw even though it contains some oxalic acid.
      When you cook spinanch, the idea is not to let it cook for long.
      Also when washing spinach, best to wash with cold water and not hot water.
      Take care B.

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