Who would have thought that Okra is very good for people with Sickle Cell?  Yes it is!

It is also referred to as ‘lady’s fingers’ or ‘gumbo’.

The rich fibre and mucous like content in the Okra pods helps ease digested food and constipation conditions.  The pods contains vitamin (A, B complex, C and K) as well as a high amount of anti-oxidants.  

The consumption of food rich in vitamin C helps the body develop immunity against infections, reduced episodes of colds and cough and lastly protects the body from harmful free radicals. 

The pods equally contain good minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese.  

You can steam or cook okras by including it in stews and soups; it all depends on how it is eaten from your part of the world.  Due to insecticide sprays, do make sure you wash it well with cold running water before slicing it, chopping it or blending it.  I also tend to trim the top and bottom end of the Okra.  Remember don’t over-cook it.

Don’t wait, experience the benefit of eating plenty of okra from today!

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